What is a play to earn business model?

Connecting the dots is one of Steve Jobs’ famous quotes that I will never forget and will always refer to in any conversation about innovation. One of the pieces of advice from Steve is to look at different industries and apply the core competency of those industries to yours. I came across the “Pay-to-Earn (P2E)” business model almost six months ago. I couldn’t stop thinking about it because it’s one of the most innovative models that could change the world. … Read More What is a play to earn business model?

What is the heart of blockchain technology?

There is no doubt that blockchain technology is complicated. However, it fascinates me that someone could develop the concept and even make it work in the real world. The use cases of the technology are far and wide. It can be used in any industry. It can also improve efficiency in the segments that are heavily nominated by centralised entities and intermediaries. … Read More What is the heart of blockchain technology?

What is marketing?

Do you think our marketing world is getting more complicated and more expensive? I am arguing that with a great product strategy, marketing could be straightforward and yet efficient. As my mission is to promote blockchain technology adoption, I will use one of the blockchain use cases to support my argument. … Read More What is marketing?

What is blockchain?

I have been working as a marketing professional for the last 16 years. I spent all of those years in the hospitality industry. When life changed due to COVID, I asked myself what my passion was. It’s frustrating not to know what makes you wake up in the morning with excitement.  Until…I stumbled upon blockchain… Read More What is blockchain?


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