A starting point to develop a good strategy

As a small business owner, I know you come up with great ideas all the time. How do you know that those great ideas would turn into a good strategy for your business?

I found an interesting aspect of how to build a solid foundation for good strategy. Noticing anomalies is one way to trigger questions of why things don’t happen in certain ways. Ideas start to popup in your head. It’s very common that many of us would jump into a quick conclusion that the first idea that comes to mind is the right one.

It’s not always the case. And this is when a good strategy tool could help you. In strategy work, knowledge is necessary but not sufficient. You must be able to guide your own thinking.

You must cultivate the following 3 essential skills:

  1. You need to find ways to fight your own myopia and to guide your own attention.
  2. You must be able to question your own judgement. When you quickly decide that the first idea is great and you are excited about it, before moving forward, wait for a day or two and ask yourself again if your assumptions are right.
  3. You must develop the habit of recording your judgement so you could learn from it.

As you can see, the above is more about how to deal or manage your mindset. We must be able to question our judgement (trust me it’s more difficult than you could admit). It’s one of the most critical skill to develop a good strategy.

Apivut @ SiB

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