Learning marketing from Gwyneth Paltrow

“Her marketing is effective and skillful, yet deceptive. She promotes treatments that don’t work. They are scientifically impossible and potentially harmful. Goop’s content is full of medical misinformation. Women buy packages of nothing for big money”

The above summarises Gwyneth’s marketing technique. It’s not what I want to encourage us marketers to do. However, they are a few things we can learn from Gwyneth’s marketing strategy.

Her brand is stronger than all the lawsuits and scientific criticism together.

Maria Milojković

Granted, she is a Hollywood’s super star. That definitely helps. But there are more to it. Gwyneth created a brand call Goop. You can visit the website – http://www.goop.com. The brand is all about beauty and wellness. Below are a few things I learn from her.

  • She focuses on emotional appeals. People don’t buy product’s features. They buy product because someone or something triggers their fear, insecurity, anger and passion. Play with women’s insecurity and they will buy $450 skin serum.
  • She has a very clear target market. Their buyer persona is a suburban woman in a $100K household.
  • She understands that people buy lifestyle. They choose brand personality to look up for. There is no doubt that a lot of women want to be like Gwyneth.
  • Her content strategy is top-notch. Goop tells stories that women want to hear. The brand gives you hope and a sense of security.

The above techniques are not difficult to do. You should find your niche – the one that you have a solution to change their life. It would be a great starting point.

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*Image credit – The New York Times

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