How to use subliminal perceptions in marketing

We understand the basic concept of how human brain works. There are 2 types of systems – conscious and subconscious mind. They don’t work independently. Instead, it’s one integrated system. The subconscious mind plays more role in our daily life than you might think. I for example use the same route to drive to work everyday. My subconscious mind often guides me to work without much concentration.

But, how does it work in marketing?

Brands take advantages of our subconscious mind all the times, through the use of color, smell, sound, etc. The common activities that are most popular are the following:

  • Social signal or social proof: we are likely to buy the products with more star reviews.
  • Using positive words: Apple has the following words banned in their sales training – “no”, “broken”, “cannot”, “sorry”. They train their staff to use positive words like “sure”, “we can do that”, “absolutely”.
  • Standing in a way: standing in the door way or blocking customer’s direct line for the door, you might be able to influence sales.
  • Try before you buy: very basic for all marketers.
  • Buy one get one free: customers may end up paying more for an individual item.

The above techniques work under the same principle – to let customers feel like they have things their way. Giving customers a “bragging right” could go a long way for your company.

Apivut @ SiB

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