Setting up proximate objectives

Another important aspect of a good strategy is to have proximate objectives. It is an important job of leaders to have the objectives that are close enough at hand to be feasible.

One way to do it is to eliminate ambiguity as much as possible.

Remember this – every company has its own complex, ambiguous problems to overcome. It’s one of the important jobs of any leader to absorb a large part of that complexity and ambiguity. It means leaders should only pass a simpler problem – the one that is solvable – to the team.

Many leaders fail badly at this responsibility by announcing ambiguous goals that no one knows to achieve them.

A good exercise to setup proximate objectives is by imagining that you are allowed to have only one objective and the objective had to be feasible. What one single feasible objective, when accomplished, would make the biggest difference?

Apivut @ SiB

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