How Satya Nadella changes Microsoft

At a time when Apple could do no wrong, Facebook was changing the world of communication and Amazon was blowing everyone away in cloud computing, Microsoft was the uncoolest 40-year-old imaginable.

Paul Smith

The above pretty much explains Microsoft’s situation when Satya Nadella took over the CEO rule from Steve Ballmer in 2015. What happened at Microsoft just confirms my belief that a company’s image is a reflection of a CEO’s personality. Steve Ballmer’s personality had created a ‘lost decade’ perception to the world about Microsoft.

How is Satya Nadella different?

A lot has to do with his leadership style. In a word, he is an infinite mindset leader. Satya has a clear “just cause” and he doesn’t compete to win. He competes to keep playing, to be better than his yesterday’s self.

What is his “just-cause”?

“Our mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more.”

It’s not about specific products at Microsoft. It’s all about what solutions Microsoft has to enhance people’s lives. It is what Satya uses to make key business decisions.

Apivut @ SiB

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