About SiB

About Apivut marketing consultancy service

Hi! I’m Apivut (you can call me Api).

I’m the founder of Strategy in Bytes (SiB), a strategic marketing consultancy for businesses. 

Where I started

Like most people, I started small.  An undergraduate degree in International Business Management.  Customer service roles.

Then I moved into marketing, and it turned out I was pretty good at it.

Over the next twenty-five years, I developed marketing and product strategies for some of the world’s biggest corporations – Daimler AG (Mercedes), General Electric and Wyndham Destinations.

At the same time, I fed my natural curiosity with Masters Degrees in Business, Economics and Information Technology, and then (because I like a good challenge) I completed a PhD in Business Strategy.

But twenty-five years in the corporate world is a long time, and, in the autumn of 2020, I decided to use my knowledge and experience to help businesses with their marketing efforts. I started a marketing consultancy business which is Strategy in Bytes Consulting.

How I got here

For me, business shouldn’t just be about turning a profit.  It should be about giving back to others – using your skills to elevate everyone around you.

That’s why I settled on marketing consultancy.  Every day, I see incredibly talented people not getting the success they deserve because they keep making the same mistake with their marketing, and it hurts.

It hurts because the mistake is so simple.  It’s not some complicated formula or overhyped trick or advanced new tech.

It’s that they don’t have solid marketing strategies.  They’re stepping out into the ultra-competitive world of business without a roadmap, and then wondering why their marketing isn’t working.

I want to be there for those businesses and marketing team, to educate them and guide them and give them the tools to succeed.  After all, most businesses don’t need a massive marketing budget to get results – they just need to correct the missing step.

Why I do this

I love helping people thrive by explaining how to get things done in a simple, effective and actionable manner.  It always amazes me how small changes in processes and marketing strategies can accelerate a business’s growth with minimal effort and expense.  

At Strategy in Bytes, my ultimate goal is to raise my clients’ profitability as quickly as possible by providing them with a blueprint for marketing success.

Where I’m going

Where am I going?  It’s simple.

I’m going forward, with you. 

Together, we’re going to correct the missing step for your business, and seize the success you deserve.

Don’t put it off any longer.

Give me a call, and start differentiating your business.            

Apivut @ SiB

PS. If you want to know more about me, please visit MORE ABOUT APIVUT CHAKUTHIP.