More about Apivut Chakuthip

“High energy marketing executive with over 25 years experience developing and leading teams to define and deliver differentiated marketing strategy that grows market share and build customer loyalty. Strategic leader with demonstrated success in recognising and maximising individual and cross-functional team strengths.”

Coupled with Apivut’s strong marketing strategy skills and PhD-level education, Apivut is a marketing professional with diverse and significant practical experience. He spent the past 20 years introducing and implementing a customer-centric, inbound, and digital marketing strategy in the hospitality industry. 

Apivut first received a business degree in 1998. He followed his educational passion and received a further three Masters Degrees in business economics, computer information systems, and information technology management in 1999, 2000, and 2001, respectively. Apivut’s interest in strategic management, especially in the development of a business-IT framework, drove him to finish a Ph.D. in 2008. Apivut is a co-writer of the “Trust, Social Networks and Electronic Commerce Adoption” chapter in the “Handbook of Research on Electronic Collaboration and Organizational Synergy”.   

Apivut began his career with the Thomas Cook Group (Ltd) in Thailand in 1995 in the customer service and marketing department. He left the company in 2001 to pursue his third Masters Degree at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. He then went back to Bangkok and joined Daimler Chrysler (Thailand) Limited as a Product Marketing Supervisor in 2002. His main responsibilities were in the area of product marketing strategy development and ISO 9000 project leader. After spending nearly one and a half years with Daimler Chrysler, Apivut decided to join GE Capital (Thailand) as a Quality Management Manager overlooking the GE branches quality management project using the Six Sigma concept. 

In 2003, Apivut and his family decided to migrate to Australia to pursue his Ph.D. He started his Ph.D. project at Griffith University in February 2004. In June of the same year, Apivut began his career with Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific, working as a Data Analyst. Apivut was then promoted to the role of Research and Analysis Manager in 2006. In this role, Apivut was responsible for Sales and Marketing Information Management. He provided insightful information to management, assisting them in their decision making processes. In 2007, Apivut was again promoted to take on the role Senior Manager of Market Intelligence. This new role gave Apivut an opportunity to apply his strategic management knowledge to run the inbound call centre while he still looked after the research and analysis area. 

In 2008, Apivut was promoted to be the Director of Market Intelligence. In this, his current role, Apivut plays a crucial role in developing marketing and operational strategies. In 2010, he won a Marketing Operational Support Award from a world-renowned American Resort Development Association (ARDA – 

Apivut was promoted again to the Senior Director of Marketing in 2014 and to the Vice President of Marketing in 2016. As a Head of Marketing, Apivut looked after all marketing activities at Wyndham Destinations Asia Pacific, including digital marketing, social media, printed and marketing collateral. Apivut also expanded his marketing experience and knowledge to look after the company’s Asia expansion.  

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