It’s time to stop wasting your marketing money!

The Marketing Strategies Package is designed to help identify the ‘missing step’ in your marketing.  Most small businesses jump right into tactics (things like online ads, SEO and social media) without thinking about the bigger picture.

How I’ll help you is simple.

  1. Together, we’ll analyse your existing marketing efforts, and see what you could be doing better. 
  2. I’ll then conduct market research that identifies opportunities for you and exposes your competitors’ weak spots. 
  3. Armed with my findings, we’ll work together to formulate a comprehensive marketing strategy, along with an actionable plan that you can implement immediately.       

Pricing and Inclusions

For AU$1,949, here’s what you’ll get:

  • An evaluation of your business, your market and your competitors.
  • A one-hour strategy session in which we’ll examine and work through your challenges.
  • A complete marketing strategy that includes your Unique Value Offering and a detailed action plan that you can implement to increase profitability.


Step 1: Please click the below button to start the process.

Step 2: I will be in touch to see if we could do something together – no strings attached.

Step 3: Our chemistry clicks, the project starts!